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Breakthrough Peer Pressure

August 19, 2013 –breakthrough We know how powerful peer pressure can be. It’s cited as the leading cause of underage substance abuse. Kids will do something like smoking or drinking, which they know is bad for them, upsets their parents, and breaks the law just to gain the acceptance of their peers! At Integrity Martial Arts, we use positive peer pressure to accomplish amazing results in children. Imagine a community designed such that showing respect is cool!  Let’s face it, this is probably the only place in the world where your child can get high-fives from ten of their peers for making their bed! That kind of experience and positive reinforcement has a huge effect on a child.  This is just one example of how the Powerplay(TM) program uses child psychology to make a difference for every student.

We at Integrity Martial Arts believe that children face real dangers in today’s world and that self-defense is a valuable, possibly necessary skill.  Therefore, we teach them practical self-defense techniques, emphasizing awareness, de-escalation and avoidance. We are careful to instruct each of our students on what are appropriate and inappropriate uses of force. Integrity Martial Arts’ children understand that the goal of self-defense is to prevent harm, not hurt others.

Basically, the Powerplay (TM) program uses the punches and kicks as a vehicle for teaching Respect, Self Discipline and Self Control in an environment that nurtures self-esteem. Integrity Martial Arts uses the modern breakthroughs in character education and child psychology to develop the most effective system that will work for your child.  Our program is safe, fun and affordable.

The third area is community.  Human beings will perform better and more fully when they have the feeling of support, that they are being counted on, and that they belong.  The best part of Integrity Martial Arts is the people.  I can’t tell you how incredible every student, parent, teacher and friend of the dojo is, but let me say that the level of support and friendship available is almost like family.  On days when you don’t feel like working out, you will want to go because there are people who will miss you when you are not there.  The atmosphere is startlingly non-competitive and friendly.  This sense of camaraderie also lends itself to safety because people really take care of each otherI have seen fewer injuries of teaching martial arts for twelve years than in a single season of soccer (or many other sports).  Starting a new activity can be frightening because we might be afraid of failing, of being embarrassed, feeling out of place, or looking stupid.  We will make you feel welcome and successful here.

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“Before Colin was born, friends of ours with children would say, “soon” you will have a hard time imagining your life without him.  They were right, and, similarly, we now can barely imagine Colin’s life without IMA. Obviously, we value his learning to defend himself, but IMA is so much more than teaching and learning self defense.  This endlessly supportive and loving community nurtures and raises good people; much as an extended family would.  IMA has been and will be family to us.  Thank you, Jonathan and everyone.”-  Bill Turkel, Father of Colin, age 16 (Shodan Black Belt)

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